Who We Work With

Fashion Startups and Emerging Private Labels

You are young and unique, and we get what it takes to grow your vision into a successful apparel brand. We connect you to the best apparel development resources and back you in achieving your dreams.

Apparel Wholesale Companies

We provide you with bestselling styles, optimal volumes, price advantage and global supply chain solutions. You will get products that meet international quality standards in all destinations of the globe.

Online Stores and Platforms

We help you to keep up with the demanding fashion world by providing accelerated cycle of analysis to development to production. Your products will appeal to consumer straight from your online storefronts.

Retail and Department Stores

We help you move your business forward by providing premium design and development capacities. We will work to set you apart with trendy, unique fashions that create a genuine connection with consumer.

Who We Are

Ecico is a B2B supply chain solution for both emerging and established apparel companies. We specialize in concept design and developing technical packs in our dedicated sample rooms. Our real strength in design is our ability to understand your brand and vision and then executing. We also have a deep understanding of production and quality control which enables us to build sustainable relationships.

What We Do

We manage development, production and delivery aspects of apparel supply chain, allowing our clients to focus on promoting their brands. Respecting the critical values of quality, timing and cost, and utilizing up-to-date technology blended into every aspect of our work, we develop better ways to give our customers what they want, and maintain competitve edge.

Design and Development

From sourcing fabrics and accessories to sampling, our development team provides our clients with the knowledge to complete the crucial first step in any garment production. Our in-house sample room allows us to develop samples internally, thus saving your time and cost, and bringing your unique design vision to life.


Our production capabilities extend from China to Cambodia, providing competitive prices across various product categories. With audited factories and the most stringent quality control standards, our clients know that their goods will arrive on time and as per the specifications required.


Delivering apparel orders to our clients on time is just as important as all the other services we provide. Partial shipment and/or multiple destination shipments are common requests among our clients. Each delivery is met with the same rigorous standards to guarantee that apparels are where they need to be when they need to be there.


The Team

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