Who We Work With

Fashion Startups and Emerging Private Labels

Create something NEW and make waves.Add the new fundamentals of manufacturing into your ideation & production process.For brands that want to create the novelty the modern customer craves.

Apparel Wholesale Companies

Get access to production strategy & advanced supply-chain data for proven styles, to eliminate uncertainty and boost your margins. Get closer to demand visibility, in all your points of sale.

Online Stores and Platforms

Trends are happening fast. React quickly and bring your spin on a trend or cultural moment. Get faster in your lead times and your ability to launch products with hyper-flexible production.

Retail and Department Stores

Make smart product decisions to benefit your in-store interactions.Get reduced time from idea to shelf with short production cycles.Generate sales from experiential “trends-enabled” products.

Who We Are

Fashion brands live or die based on how well they balance supply & demand, cost and speed to market.

 ECICO is the B2B centerpiece link for progressive fashion brands.

100%  of our factories’ production is absorbed by us, which gives us substantial leverage. With boots on the ground, at each factory, we have full control over production.

This allows us to  be agile, speed up the production cycle, get responsive to shifts in demand and capitalize on trends with lightning speed-to-market.

We strategically select and vet our factories in China. This helps you gain a cost advantage, that you can reinvest in marketing, advertising and sales.


ECICO challenges the traditional out-of-date sourcing model. We offer long term supplier stability, short lead times, minimized order sizes, and high flexibility in variety. We accelerate your transition to an end-to-end supply chain tailored to modern fashion market needs.We help remap your fashion sourcing - to better balance your risk, cost, and flexibility.

Design and Development

Creative Design of fully realized concepts. Sourcing fabrics & accessories. Sampling With an in-house sample room, we take a dynamic approach to tailor collections to current trends. This rewards our clients with solid commercial advantages by moving fast, cutting costs and keep their end clients excited.


We split the production between reliable factories in China & Cambodia. This ensures no supply chain disruptions and helps us serve global markets. We secure high volume productions, that don’t skip a beat when it comes to the Quality Control under rigorous standards.


Speed for a demand driven supply chain is key. We follow and arrange shipments up to the end point of delivery, including documentation. From partial to multiple destinations shipments, we deliver fashion collections worldwide. We’re fully invested in our clients’ wins through seasonality and of-the-moment trends, to help them hit it big with their customers.


The Team

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