MEET THE LOUNGEWEAR Our Development in Response to Global Trend

By ECICO Group


We are living in a rare and special time which will perhaps change the face of the fashion industry for years to come. It’s the time when trends are slowing down and vacations are being enjoyed at home.

It’s the time when consumers’ mindfulness towards their wardrobe is rising to a new level, and when timelessness, comfort and versatility are becoming the top priorities in buyers’ choices.


LOUNGEWEAR FW/21 Stay in velvet

Our designers decided to decode these sentiments into comfort of a perfect wardrobe equally good for working at home, relaxing, running errands, having guests over, and being out and about unrestricted and free-spirited.

Something that used to be limited to home wear exclusively is now deemed the object of the greatest importance among other clothing categories.

LOUNGEWEAR FW/21 Stay in velvetSeamless, smooth, at times sporty and energetic, our loungewear collection features softest fabrics, nude palettes, cotton and modal blends, and just enough sophistication to make all the tracksuit fans and oversized cardigan lovers among you look polished and confident both indoor and outdoor, while you are investing into your lifestyle, wellness and mindfulness.

All the separates of the loungewear collection are highly cooperative, mix and match them the way that makes you happy, as you are dressing genuinely for yourself and the ones you feel most comfortable with.


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