A young brand  that is just getting off the ground needs to produce in small quantities, for proof of concept and to validate demand. The per item costs of materials and manufacturing can run high. This squeezes your margins. Additionally, it’s hard to identify the right player to partner for product development and production. We’re here to help.

Our Start-up Fashion solution unlocks all the resources you need to launch your brand.

We upended a traditional, old-style approach in just 3 steps:

  1. We plug your idea into our creative designer team. They’ll develop a mood-board, the tech-spec  and the sample. This step will test design’s viability in its early stage, fix any flaws, assess functionality before jumping into mass production.
  2. We handle the complexity of the development & supply chain, from the right fabrics to matching your design to a reliable factory for production.
  3. Arrange all the logistics and documentation, so the finished collection can reach you, in any corner of the world.



Collection Development:  Fitted samples, finished in custom fabrics and accessories, altered to your feedback, photo visuals & shipment.

Moodboard/Concept Development: Develop your collection concept based on your brand identity, target audience and trends analysis.

Fabric, Trims, Accessories: Research and handpick materials suited for your collection, matched to your brand’s fundamentals – from functional and performance fabrics to recycled and organic fabrics.

Brand Visual Assets Development: Professional photoshoots, lookbooks and catalogues to capture your collection.

Small MOQ Manufacturing: Large MOQs is the game played by 95% of supply chain players. Fashion world needs new, fresh ideas. We support startups and offer low orders q-ties, with 80 pcs/style, so you can grow and scale your idea risk free.

Full Collection Development Package – product development, samples and visual assets.  A full-stack solution to get your collection off the ground and marketplace ready.